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(In the order they are to be taught)

KATAS: Form 4; Two Man Set (both sides)

1. FATAL CROSS - Front Two-Hand Attempted Grab or Push
2. TWIRLING HAMMERS - Front Left Step Trough Punch
3. DEFENSIVE CROSS - front Right Snap Kick
4. DANCE OF DARKNESS - Front Right Kick Followed By a Right Punch
5. MARRIAGE OF THE RAMS - Right and Left Shoulder GRabs (Close) By Two Men
6. THE RAM AND THE EAGLE - Front Right Punch and Left Collar Grab By Two Men
7. ESCAPE FROM THE STORM - Right Flank Right Overhead Club
8. CIRCLING WINDMILLS - Front Two-Hand Push Followed By a Right Punch
9. DESTRUCTIVE KNEEL - Front Right Step Through Punch
10.BOWING TO BUDDHA - Front Right Roundhouse Kick(While Kneeling On The Ground)
11. REVERSING CIRCLES - Front Left Roundhouse Kick Followed By a Left Punch
12. REPRIMANDING THE BEARS - Front Right Punch and Rear Bear-Hug By Two Men -- Arms, Free
13. CIRCLING THE STORM - Front Right Club Thrust (Poke)
14. UNFOLDING THE DARK - Left Step Through Punch From The Right Rear Flank

15. UNWINDING PENDULUM - Front Right Kick Followed By A Right Punch
16. PIERCING LANCE - Front Right Knife Thrust While Your ARms Are Up
17. ESCAPE FROM DARKNESS - Right Punch From The Right Side
18. CAPTURING THE ROD - Front Right Pistol Holdup (Against Your Chest)
19. PRANCE OF THE TIGER - Right Flank Step Trough Uppercut Punch
20. BROKEN ROD - Rear Right Hand Pistol
21. ENTWINING MACES - Front Right and Left Punch With Opponent's Left Leg Forward
22. DEFYING THE ROD - Front Right Pistol Holdup
23. FATAL DEVIATION - Front Right and Left PUnch With Opponent's Left Leg Forward
24. TWISTED ROD - Front Right Pistol Holdup

NOTE: There are no new American Kenpo self defense techniques past 2 Brown Belt!

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