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Weiser Kenpo Karate

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  • Fron a left Neutral Bow shift your left foot to 1:00 into a left Front Twist stance while doing a left Upward Block to deflect the punch.
    Technique Flow
    1. Shield & Sword
    2. Circling Destruction
  • Step through with right foot while doing a right inward Back Knuckle to back of attackers head immediately followed by a left Inward Elbow to attackers left ribs as you slide your left foot towards your right to check attackers left knee.
    Technique Flow
    1. End of Shield & Sword
    2. Reversing Mace
    3. Repeating Mace
  • Bring your left hand up and out into a waiters check on the upper part of attackers left arm as you turn counter clockwise into attacker doing a right Hammerfist to their left kidney.
    Technique Flow
    1. End of Circling Destruction
    Main Power Principle