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While stepping back with left foot into a right Neutral Bow, do a cross wrist block on the kick.

Left hand hooks under attackers ankle, grabs and pulls attackers leg back past your left hip (throwing attacker off balance) as you step back with your right foot into a left Neutral Bow while doing a right overhead Back Kunckle to attackers face.

Right hand continues to circle past attackers head to your hip as your left hand releases attackers leg and does a downward Heel Palm Claw to side of attackers head.

Right Rear Ball Kick to attackers groin landing back into a left Forward Bow and, upon landing, a right upward (rising) Back Knuckle to attackers chin.

Left foot back into a Cat Stance, Front Ball Kick to groin and back into Cat Stance.

Right Crescent Kick to right side of attackers head, rebounding into a right Front Roundhouse Kick to left side of attackers head