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Dropping The Storm - Inside Defense against a Right Straight or Roundhouse Punch

1. Step forward into a RNB and execute double inward blocks. Right hand to biceps and left hand to attacker's right wrist.

2. Immediately execute a Right looping backfist to the attacker's rt. temple. Place your right hand onto his right shoulder (grabbing his shirt, gi, etc. ) Anchor your elbow and if possible smash your forearm into his chest as you...

3. Step your right foot behind his Rt. leg, kicking it out while at the same time pushing his chest down with your right anchored elbow. Maintain control over his right arm while he falls.

4. As he is laying on his back: both hands should now control his right hand at his wrist/forearm. Execute a right upward scaping heel kick to his upper ribs followed by a right thrusting heel kick to his arm pit. Pull his arm towards you when doing the thrust possibly dislocating his arm.

Raking Eight - Escape from a Two Hand Rear Choke

1. Step your left foot forward and across centerline (about 1:00), you're doing a cover stance here. As you cover and turn towards the attacker, bring your right elbow up and over his right arm (elbowing his face if possible).

2. Execute a back-knuckle, fore-knuckle, back-knuckle (figure eight ) combination to his face. After the last back-knuckle, while maintaining flow, execute a right upward elbow under his chin (shuffle forward a bit on the elbow) and finish with a right downward heel palm claw to the bridge of his nose.

3. I exit the technique with a right scoop kick

Speared Lightning - Outside Defense against a Left Straight Punch

1. Step back right leg into a left neutral bow and do a parry/block/grab with your left hand to the outside of the attacker's left arm.

2. Pivot into a forward lunge stance and execute a right middle finger fist to the attacker's face (while continuing to keep a hold of the attacker's arm).

3. Shoot a right knee to the side/rear quadrant of the attacker's right thigh and immediately pivot into a right downward 45 degree kick with your shin to the back of the attacker's right knee (taking the attacker down).

Controlling Disaster - Gun Attack Defense

1. Step forward into a left neutral bow and execute a right outside parry/block/grab, grabbing the attacker's gun while executing an arm break or hyperextension with a left inward block. Be sure to twist your upper body out of the line of fire.

2. Execute a left outward elbow to the attacker's face while pulling the gun in the opposite direction.

3a. Move your right foot up the circle and pull the attacker around and in front of you with your left forearm on their elbow (wrenching the arm)

3b. Execute a right knee strike to their solar plexus, face etc.

4. Both hands move down to the attacker's wrist. Step toward your attacker a bit with your right foot while stepping your left foot behind into a right twist stance. Turn your body counter-clockwise while executing an wristlock taking the attacker down.

5. Execute a right downward roundhouse kick to the attacker's face while removing the gun from their hand.

Arm Bar Escape - Escape for Rear Arm Bar Choke

1. Step your right foot out into a Horse Stance and using M.O.G. execute a left backward elbow strike to the attcakers' solar plexus while simultaneously executing a right finger(s) thrust over your left shoulder into his eyes. This all happens on the count of ONE.

1 1/2. A left hammer fist strike to the groin follows the back elbow.

2. Step your left leg around and in back of his right leg. Slide your left hip and leg forward so it slams into his right hip. He should be lying (somewhat) across your left thigh as you now execute a left upward-back-downward elbow to his face and a right hammer fist strike to his groin. Continue the backward-downward motion of your elbow, sweeping the attacker to the ground.

Inside The Storm - Inside Defense against a Left - Right Roundhouse Punches

1. From a L.N.B. Execute a right "cover" block/guard (like a boxer working the inside) while simultaneously shooting a left straight punch to the attacker's face. Immediately execute the same moves but on the opposite side (left cover guard right punch) to protect against the attackers incoming right punch. Keep your chin down when executing part 1.

2. Execute a right thrusting knee kick to the solar plexus or groin. Finish with a left heel palm/right forearm sandwich strike to the head. You will end in a RNB stance.

Dragons In a Wedge - Defense against a Two Person Attack - Front

Base technique: Attacker "A" is on your left "B" is on your right.

1. From a defensive posture: execute a right snap ball kick to the groin of attacker "A" ( 10:00) and without putting your footdown execute a right back kick to attacker "B" (2:00).

2. As you finish the back kick bring your right leg forward (towards 9:30) and step into a right lunge stance executing a right backfist to face of the attacker "A".

3. Spin around and while facing attacker "B" execute a left spin back fist to "A" . Finishing the technique with a right thrusting front kick to "B".

Rear Chicken Kick - Sparring Technique 

1. Begin from a RNB then move into a right cross stance.This movment makes your opponent think you are setting up for a left spinning back kick.

2. As you fake the spin do a left rear cross over or "hop through" step and execute a right rear back kick.

Quick Kick - Sparring Technique

1. From a RNB, slide your left foot up and under your center of gravity. Hide this move by using a right cross stance (remember you are moving around the ring).

2. Execute the kick by shooting your right foot about 45 degrees directly upwards toward your opponent's groin as you push/slide forward with your left foot.

3. Has you make contact to the groin, grab his right elbow, sleeve, biceps etc. with your right hand and pull the arm out of the way while executing a left upper cut to his right ribs or kidney.

Circling Devastation - Outside to Inside Defense against a Left Straight Punch

1. Step back left leg into a RNB and execute a right crane hand pulling/circling the punch downward and slightly outward towards your right. Left hand checking high.

2. Immediately circle your right hand up towards the head and execute a middle knuckle strike to the left temple of the attacker. This strike is also on a circular path.

3. Keep the circle going and now execute a right inward elbow strike to the attacker's jawline followed by a right back elbow to his face while transitioning your stance into a right rear lunge.  

4. Complete the technique with a right rear scoop kick followed by a right thrusting heel kick.

Twin Talons - Front Two Hand Wrist Grab Escape

As the two hand grab comes in...

1. Step back right leg into a Right Lunge Stance as you simultaneously anchor your elbows and pull both hands upwards on your centerline (hands are in a fist). This should release the grab.

2. As you escape from the his grip, open your fists and execute double downward chops to the inside/top of his wrists. The chops should be down and outward.

3. Immediately follow up with a right snapping ball kick to the groin. This will break his height zone bringing his head down. Finish with a heel palm strike to the nose, chin, face etc.

Flanking Dragons - Escape from Two Person Flanking Shoulder Grabs

1. Step into a left lunge stance while simultaneously executing double hammer-fist strikes to each attacker's groin.

2. Immediately execute thrusting back-knuckles simultaneously to each attacker's face.

3. Take an adjustment step forward and execute a right heel-kick to the right attacker's solar plexus while shooting a left back-knuckle to the left attacker's face.

4. Execute a left heel-kick to the left attacker's solar plexus.

Chinese Long Hand - Offensive Technique

1. Step forward into a left neutral-bow while executing a left downward diagonal fore-knuckle strike (left to right). The target for this strike can be either to take out the attacker's front arm or to strike across the face.

2. Pivot into a left twist-stance while rotating the left hand into a left downward diagonal back-knuckle strike (right to left) to the attacker's face. (Note: The two strikes with the left fist should create sideways figure 8.)

3. Immediately follow up with a right downward diagonal fore-knuckle strike to the attacker's face while stepping across into a right cross stance.

4. Pivot into right twist stance, spin around into a left over-head downward diagonal back-knuckle to the attacker's face. You will finish in a left twist stance.

Leaping Tiger - Outside Defense against a Right Straight Punch

1. Step back left leg into a RNB and quickly execute a left driving stop kick to the attacker's right knee as you do a left/right double parry to his right arm.

2. You must now transition into a Right Modified Twist Stance, using your right foot to brace/stomp against his right ankle/foot. This prepares him for the upcoming tripping action.

As you prepare the "Trip" grab his right elbow with your left hand, your right hand grabs his forearm, pull him forward and down to the ground..."tripping" him. He will land on his stomach.

3. As he is lying on his stomach. Jump up with both feet and do a double kidney stomp. Follow this with a Left Knee Stomp to the spine. Hop off his back, towards 3:00, do a foot replacement with your left foot, finish the technique with a right roundhouse kick to his face.

Thai Boxer - Outside Defense against Left Straight Punch

1. Side step right to about 3:00 with your right foot while doing a right/left double parry on the punch while executing a Left Roundhouse Kick to the attacker's groin.

2. As you plant your left foot to about 9:00, after the roundhouse kick, immediately execute a Right Muay Thai Shin Kick to the Back of the attacker's left knee. The kick should drive his left knee into the ground.