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Hooked Lightning - Inside Defense Left Straight or Roundhouse Punch

1. Step back left leg into a RNB or a Right Lunge Stance (depending on height/depth of attacker) execute a left inside parry/heel palm block/check- while simutaneously executing a right vertical punch to attacker's face.

2. Your right hand attaches to attacker's left arm and Lop Sao's the inside of his arm (pull it down towards your right hip) while you execute a left vertical punch to the attacker's face.

3. Finally, end the technique by releasing Lop Sao and executing another Right Vertical Punch to the attacker's face. Finish this punch with a vertical "Hooking Tear". Simutaneously, your left hand returns to its original position above and across your right biceps. This time its a positional check.

Splitting Lances - Inside Defense against Front Two Hand Push

1. Step back right leg into a left lunge stance executing two short outside blocks.

2. Just as your double blocks make contact with the attacker's arms, immediately step your right foot across centerline (to about 10:00) into a cross stance while executing a right downward diagonal raking foreknuckle strike to the attacker's face (bridge on nose, eyes... etc)

3. Complete the technique by spinning around, facing 6:00, and shooting a Left rear elbow to the face.

Repeating Hammers - Outside Defense against a Right Straight Punch

1. Step left foot forward to 11:00 into a Left Lunge Stance while executing a "left inward riding block" to attacker's right arm while striking the attacker's groin with an Right Inverted Hammer fist. Your right knee checking his right knee.

2. Left Downward hammerfist to his kidneys (left lunge stance) followed by a Right Downward hammerfist to the back of his neck (right lunge stance).

3. Grab the back of his shirt or hair and pull him towards you has you execute a right side kick to the back of his right knee. This will spin him down to the ground.

4. As he lands on the ground execute a downward front kick to his face.

Beating Disaster - Defense against a Right Overhead Club Attack

As the club is coming down...

1. Zone out with your left foot to about 11:00 while executing an overhead cross block (left over right) Simultaneously drive (really thrust it) a right horizontal knee kick into the attacker's solar plexus.

The attacker should be slightly bent over now:

2. After the knee thrust, step your right foot behind your left into a left cross stance. ( You must pull his arm while making this transition). Unwind into a horse stance facing about 4-5:00. Keep your back straight.

a) During the unwind: Your right hand grabs his right wrist. Your left forarm is positioned over his right elbow. Use opposing forces to break his arm (right hand pulls up while left arm pushes downward). As you unwind into the horse stance. Lower your height a bit on that break.

3. Maintain this hold and pull his arm across and infront of you (towards your right) while you execute a knee kick to his face. Keep him close to you when doing this.

Take the stick away

Wings of Freedom - Full Nelson Escape

1. Split your stance into a low horse stance while simultaneously executing double vertical punches to the attacker's face (cracking the coconuts).

2. After the double punches, immediately bounce up into a natural stance while driving your elbows down and to your sides. Keep your elbows anchored. A Headbutt is also avaliable as you bounce up.

3. Finish the technique by stepping right foot straight back beween his legs and executing a right back elbow (you might want to grab/pull his right wrist with your left hand when doing this so he doesn't step away). Do a foot replecement and step back left foot between his legs and finish with a left back elbow.

Eye Of The Storm - Inside Defense against Right/Left Straight or Roundhouse punches

1. Step back left leg into a RNB and execute a Right Inward Block. Immediately followed by a Right Outside Block and Left Vertical Punch to the face.

2. Step left foot forward into a Left Twist Stance while executing a right horizontal eye rake. Collapse the rake into a right elbow sandwich to his left jawline.

3. Untwist into a LNB executing a right upward finger claw (? is that what this strike is called?) to his eyes and a left outward handsword to his throat.

Opposing Dragons - Two Person Attack Defense Front and Rear

1. You execute a Right Thrusting Claw to the attacker in front of you. Targeting his eyes and face.

2. Replace the Claw with a Left Vertical Punch to the face simultaneously executing a Right Back Heel Kick to the attacker behind you. Followed by a right ball kick to the groin of the attacker in front. Do not put your foot down between kicks.

3. After you execute the right ball kick, step your right foot to 11:00 covering to face the attacker behind you. Execute a Right Thrusting Front Kick to his mid-section.

Leaping Thunder - Inside Defense against a Right Straight or Roundhouse Punch

As the punch comes in: Step back left leg into a RNB while executing a Right Inward Block. Simultaneously execute a left front kick to the groin, followed by a right jump front kick to the face "chicken kick".

Bonzi Run - Sparring Technique Forward Skipping Combination

1. Froma LNB throw a right straight vertical punch to your opponent's face.

2. Next, throw a left straight vertical punch while skipping forward with a right knee kick.

3. Complete the technique with another right vertical punch to the attacker's face.

Crenshaw High Five - Inside Defense against a Right Straight or Roundhouse punch

1. Step back into a RNB executing a right handsword block at the biceps. Left handsword checking attacker's right wrist. Immediately circle the right handsword striking the attacker's throat or side of neck. Maintain contact with the bicpes when circling the handsword.

2. Left hand heel palm strike to the right temple area. Maintain contact driving his head into a right forarm sandwhich.

3. Simultaneously execute a right upward vertical claw to the face/eyes and a left outward handsword to his throat.

4. Finish with a right handsword to the left side of his neck.