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Bridging Claw - Inside Defense against Right Straight Punch or Roundhouse

1. As the punch comes in you are to "split" your stance into a LNB. The left hand simultaneously shoots out a horizontal heel palm claw to the attacker's face.

2. Execute a right vertical reverse punch to the attacker's solar plexus. You transition into a left forward lunge stance for power. Your left elbow drops vertically (anchored) while your left hand/forearm covers the side of your face.

3. Next, execute a left vertical punch to the face and a right snap kick to the groin. These happen at the same time. (Similar to the coordination set found in American Kenpo.) Plant your right foot forward after completing the snap kick.

Clashing Hammers - Escape for a Left Flank Head Lock

1. As you feel the headlock being applied, do not fight the force. Go with it. Turn into the attacker while using a right hammer fist (thumb up) to strike under his groin and a left forearm (using the outer part of the left arm) strike across his kidneys. Left knee is checking his right knee. The above happens in one move.

2. After the forearm strike, your left hand glides up the attackers' back and grabs the back of his head (to control his position) while at the same time you execute a right horizontal punch to the face.

3. Snake your left hand around his neck and under his chin as you position your left hip behind his right hip. Pushing with your left hand/forearm under his chin, while pulling his right leg with your left leg...sweep him to the ground.

4. After the sweep, place your left foot down and do a right downward/thrusting heel kick to his face or other available target.  Cover out

Trapped Lightning - Outside Defense against a right roundhouse Kick

1) As the punch comes in, execute a right outward parry, which turns into a block, then grab (lop sao), while stepping forward into a left neutral bow (left knee checking the attacker's right knee), and executing a left vertical punch to the face.

2. Left looping heel-palm check to the attacker's right arm, shooting through the loop with a right heel-palm to the chin, while shuffling forward into a left lunge stance (right knee checking the attacker's right knee).

3) Left hand guidelining back up the attacker's arm and executing a left handsword (chop) to the throat, while the right hand guidelines back down the attacker's right arm as a check. While covering out with the left foot, sweep the attacker's right foot.

Universial Block - Inside Defense aganist right roundhouse Kick

From a R.N.B.

1. As the kick comes in simultaneously execute a right inward block and left down block to cover your centerline. Lift your right knee up and under both blocks while execute a "shin block" with you right leg.

2. Immediately follow with a right knife edge side kick to attacker's left knee (inside). Do this before the attacker's roundhouse kick hits the gound. Its important he is still balancing on one leg when you shoot the side kick.

3. As you plant from the side kick execute a left spinning back kick to his mid-section. Followed by a left looping back fist to the face or temple.

Gripping Talon - Escape from a cross Hand Wrist Grab

1) As the attacker grabs your left hand, step forward into a left neutral bow while executing a left vertical punch to the attacker's face (chin or nose).

2) Circle the left hand back and then execute a left chop (hand sword) to the attacker's radial nerve on his right forearm while pulling back and twisting your right hand into a c-o-c-k-ed position. At the same time, use a little body language (pivoting to the right from the ankles up).

3) Pivot forward into a left lunge stance while keeping the left hand down as a check, while shooting through the loop with a right vertical fist to the face.

Blinging Dagger - Defense against a Right Back Knuckle

From a RNB

1. As the attacker begins to strike with a right punch, backfist, face slap etc. you intercept the strike with a right darting eye poke to his right eye.  Use his right arm to guideline the weapon outside and over the attacker's right arm to his right eye. Left hand checking right side of face.

2. His instinctive response should be to raise his right arm to his eye. As he does this, grab his right wrist with both hands (making sure his elbow is pointed up) and simultaneously use an adjustment step (or rear crossover with your left foot) and slide your right leg behind his right leg. Thrust your right leg back into a LFB executing a leg buckle/sweep while pulling his arm down towards the ground at the same time. Keep your back straight.

Triple Kick -  Inside Defense aganist a Left Roundhouse Punch

1) Step back into a right cat-stance while executing a right extended outward block (left hand checking low). As you CAT you C.O.C.K.

2) Shoot a right ball kick to the attacker's groin.

3) Immediately follow with a left ball kick to the inside of the attacker's left knee, followed by a by a right ball kick to the inside of the attacker's right knee. right ball kick to the inside of the

Attacking Warrior - Sparring Technique: Right Back Knuckle Fake

1) Begin in a right neutral bow. Execute a right back-fist (back-knuckle) to the attacker's right temple.

2) Immediately execute a hopping-in roundhouse kick to the groin. (Side note: You should be hopping in to the roundhouse kick as the back-fist lands.) While you are executing the roundhouse kick, grab the opponent's right shoulder.

3) Pivot into a right lunge stance while punching to the opponent's ribs.