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Stopping The Storm ( Inside Defense: Straight Right Punch or Roundhouse)
1. Moving your head out of the way while executing a Left outward parry which turns into a block then a grab while executing a right straight vertical punch to face. This all happens at the same time while stepping forward into a R.N.B.
2. Shuffle forward a bit and execute a Right Upward Elbow under chin while simutaneously pulling his right arm towards you bringing him into your weapon.

3. Right downward back fist to the bridge of his/her nose.

4. Finish with a right scoop kick to groin. Cover out.

Hidden Wing (Right Flank Shoulder Grab Escape)

1. Counter grab his left hand with your left hand as you stomp his foot with your right foot. At the same time execute a right oblique upper elbow under his chin.

2. Right hammer fist to his groin.

3. Take an adjustment step with your left foot and execute a right rear heel kick (back kick) to his solar plexus or other available target.

Circling Serpent(Outside Defense: Right Back Knuckle or Straight Punch)

1. Move your left foot forward and off the line of attack and execute an inward left open handed block (pak sao) as you "C" step your right foot around and behind their right foot into a modified R.N.B. As you settle into the new stance execute a right back knuckle punch to their temple or cheek bone.

2. Grab their right shoulder with your right hand. Anchor your elbow and execute a left vertical or upper cut to kidneys (depending on your distance) this will raise him up and back just a bit.

3. Right knife edge kick to the far (left) knee. Finish by sweeping their right leg with your right leg (Left Forward Bow) and take down.

Hooking Thunder(Outside Defense: Right Ball Kick)

1. Step back and slightly and to your left into a right cat stance while simultaneously executing a right downward looping crane hand hooking the attacker's right front kick. Left hand checking high.

2. Execute a right ball kick under the attacker's groin. Follow this with a right side kick to his far left knee. (Do not put your kicking leg down between kicks).

3. Let go of his leg and push drag forward into a right lunge stance. Pak sao his right forarm/elbow with your left hand and execute a right upper cut/backfist to his right cheek bone.

Captured Wing(Hammerlock Escape)

1) Before your arm is pulled up between your shoulder-blades, Step back with the left foot between the attacker's feet while shooting a left elbow straight into the attacker's face. At the same time, counter grab the attacker's right wrist with your right hand preventing him from letting go.

2) Pivot forward while guide-lining a hammerfist down to the attacker's groin.

3) Slight adjustment step forward with the left foot while shooting a left heel kick into the attacker's ribs or arm pit.

4) Pivot clockwise into a left neutral bow (while still holding the attackers wrist). As you plant, pull the arm while executing a left inward block into the arm (elbow) causing an arm break. This will usually cause the attacker to bend over.

5) Immediately lunge into a right snapping ball kick to one of several targets including the face, solar plexus, side of the knee, whatever you can hit.

6) As you plant down, check the arm down with the left hand while looping your right elbow up, over, and down into the attacker's spine.

Clapping Tiger(Front Bear Hug Escape: Arms Free)

1) Cup the hands and clap the ears of the opponent.

2) Grab the opponent by the ears, hair, or back of head. (This will insure that they won't pull away during the next move). Using the top of your forehead, head-butt them on the bridge of their nose. 

3) Drop slightly in your stance and execute a right vertical/ thrusing knee strike to the groin.

4) Step with your right foot to the outside of the opponent's right foot while grabbing the left arm with your left hand as well as grabbing under the right arm (close to the arm pit) with your right hand. Pivot in as close as possible (hip to hip) and execute a judo-type hip throw.

Ranking Hammer(Inside Defense: Left Roundhouse Punch)

1) Step back into a right neutral bow while doing a left inward parry/right outward block. Immediately arch the right fist around into a raking hammer strike to the bridge of the nose, left hand checking low.

2) Shuffle forward into a sideways horse stance (with your right side toward the attacker) while circling the above Rake into a right hammer-fist strike to the groin. Left hand up as a check with the fingers slightly open. This will cause the attacker to impale his eyes onto your fingers. (Make sure you shuffle in close enough to feel the attacker's left knee in the bend of the back of your right leg).

3) Pivot into a Right Reverse Bow to buckle the attacker's left knee while guidelining your right elbow up and under the attacker's chin for an upward elbow strike.