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Delayed Sword (front- right lapel grab)

1. With your feet together step back with your left foot toward 6:00 into a right neutral bow stance, facing 12:00, while simultaneously executing a right inward block to the right inner wrist of your opponent. At the same time position your left hand at solar plexus level as a precautionary check against further action.
2. Immediately slide your right foot back into a cat stance.
3. Without hesitation deliver a right front snapping ball kick to your opponent's groin.
4. Plant your right foot (back lo its point of origin) into a right neutral bow, facing 12:00, while employing Gravitational Marriage, as you strike opponent's neck. Immediately slide your right hand (after the strike) to the right wrist of you opponent as a precautionary check.

Obscure Wing (Escape from a Flank Shoulder Grab)

1. Pin attacker's left hand onto your shoulder with your left hand as your right foot steps out into a horse stance, stomping attacker's foot, while at the same time executing a right rear elbow to his solar plexus.

2. Right hammerfist to his groin

3. Execute a right snapping obscure upward elbow under the chin.

Sword of Destruction (Defense against a left punch)

1. Step back with your left foot into a right Neutral Bow while doing a left inward parry and a right extended outward block as your left hand checks low.

2. Do a right front ball kick to attacker's groin.

3. As you land from the kick do a right inward hand sword to the left side of attacker's neck.

Lone Kimono ( Escape from a Front Lapel grab)

 1. Step back with your left foot into a right neutral bow (see below for details) while pinning the attacker's left hand against your chest with your left hand and c.o.c.k. your right hand at your waist.

2. As you turn (torque) into the right Neutral Bow, do a right upward block (guidline toward 11:00 with your right fist ) under the attacker's left arm, above elbow, to hyperextend or break their elbow.

3. Next, using reverse motion, execute an inward hammerfist block to attacker's forearm using a 45 degree angle to cancel the attacker's height, width and depth zones.

4. Finally, use a right outward horizontal handsword (palm down) to the attacker's throat.

Thrusting Salute ( Defense against a front snap kick)

1. Step back to 4:30 with your right foot, to angle off and avoid the kick, into left lunge stance (closed kneel) while doing a left downward block to attacker's right leg.

2. Do a right Front Ball Kick that strikes the attacker's groin before his leg lands from his kick. Left hand checks high against punch.

3. As you land forward into a right Neutral Bow do a right Heel Palm strike to the attacker's face. Left hand checks at your midsection.