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Weiser Kenpo Karate

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Child Street Smart Program
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American Kenpo Karate - Yellow to Green Belt
American Kenpo Karate - 3rd Brown to 3rd Black
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Please explain Michael Acord's American Kenpo Karate Patch Meanings
The Shape
The Tiger
The Dragon
The Circle
The Oriental Writing
The Cross Hairs
The "K"
The Colors
The Name of Edmund K. Parker
The Name Acord
Red Outline of the Patch
Please Explain The 3 Stages of Learning
Embryonic, Mechanical, Spontaneous
Please Explain the Following
Power Principles, Marriage of Gravity, Torque, Back-up Mass, American Kenpo Karate Creed
Please Perform the American Kenpo Salutation
Please perform these Stances ( please explain weight dist. And the use of each)
Neutral Bow Stance
Forward Bow Stance
45 Degree Cat Stance
Close Kneel Stance
Attention Stance
Natural Stance
Training Horse Stance
Inward Block (hammering)
Downward Block
Vertical Outward Block
Extended Outward Block
Upward Block
Snapping Horizontal
Rear Ball
Side Snap
Front Roundhouse
Front Ball
Foot Maneuvers
Forward Step Through
Reverse Step Through
Please Recite the Student Creed
Please Recite the Ten Commandments of Prevention
Perform the Star Block Set ( start with left side, then right side, then both)
Back-up Mass
Borrowed Force
Clock Priniciple
Perform The Yellow Belt Self Defense Techniques
Delayed Sword
Alternating Maces
Sword of Destruction
Deflecting Hammer
Captured Twigs
The Grasp of Death
Checking the Storm
Mace of Aggression
Attacking Mace
Sword and Hammer
What does the Short Form One Teach?
Perform Short Form One ( Left Side Only)