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Weiser Kenpo Karate

Yellow Belt Testing as set forth by Michael Acord's Kenpo Studio's

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Page 2 of Yellow Belt Testing


Alphabet of Motion - Each move learned in Kenpo, whether used defensively, offensively, or to serve both purposes, is viewed as part of the alphabet of motion.

Basics - Simplified moves that comprise the fundamentals of Kenpo. They are divided into stances, maneuvers, blocks, strikes, parries, kicks, punches, etc.

Belt Ranking System - A colored belt system used to grade the students' ability and proficiency. This judgment is determined after a student undergoes a performance test.

Block - A defensive maneuver used to check or hinder an attack.

Circular Movements - Moves that predominantly loop or follow a curve. Such moves can be used defensively or offensively.

Economy of Motion - Any movement that takes less time to execute and still causes the intended effect.

Environmental Awareness - The ability to observe daily condition and surrounding and make on the spot decisions to either avoid danger or take advantage of the opportunities offered.

Environmental Objects - Useable objects that surround us (a pole, wall, chair, table, etc.), or that are on us ( a comb, keys, brush, tube, pen, pencil, belt, purse, etc.) which we can use as weapons of defense.

Focus - Is the result of the entire body working as a unit at the very instant a target is struck. The concentration of mind (knowledge) breath, strength, and methods of execution must unite as one in conjunction with body momentum, torque, gravitational marriage, timing, speed, penetration, etc.

Forms - It is an index of offensive and defensive maneuvers whereby one cna get answers to certain situations. It is a physical expression of form, speed, power, continuity, poise, etc.

Ideas - Moves in Kenpo are taught to be no more than ideas which can vary with each changing situation.

Jiu-Jitsu - An oriental form of wrestling known as the "body art". It involves twisting, spraining, dislocating, breaking, and using other like means to the joints and pressure points of the anatomy. Throwing is also an integral part of the art.

Judo - A more gentle form of oriental wrestling. Referred to as the "gentle way" it employs grabs, hip and shoulder throws, in addition to arm or leg locks and holds.

Karate - A recent term used by the Japanese to describe the oriental boxing systems of Japan and Okinawa.

Karateka - A student of the Martial Arts.

Natural Defenses - The use of body parts as defensive blocks or deterrents.

Natural Weapons - The use of body parts as offensive weapons.

Nature of the Attack - Refers to learning to : (1) identify, define and classify the types of encounters you may find yourself in; (2) thoroughly scrutinize the various methods in which weapons (natural or otherwise) can be employed; and (3) instinctively determine your choice of action in successfully combating the numerous types of encounters with which you may be confronted

No Contact - The ability to execute a strike to a competitor with control so as not to make full contact with the designated target. This rule is adhered to at some amateur karate tournaments.

Over-Reach - To over-extend oneself with a blow or kick needlessly, to reach beyond or above a certain point unnecessarily

Salutation - A series of moves and/or gestures in Kenpo to indicate respect to one you are greeting or competing against at a tournament, in opening and closing a class, etc.

Shotokan - A Japanese system of Karate developed by Gichin Funakoshi.

Street Fighter - Usually an individual without any formal training who fights without ethics. Anything goes even if weapons are needed to be assured of victory.

Street Freestyle - Kenpo stylists who are street fighters with formal training. Moves are used scientifically to obtain the best results in the shortest period of time against one or more aggressors. Rules do not exist in such encounters.

Strike - The delivery of natural body weapons in hitting human targets, the method of which excludes punches and kicks.