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Short Form Three
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Short Form 3

This Form is what we call a Technique Form. All Forms in Kenpo from 3 and up are Technique Forms. This means that the Form is made up of Kenpo Technique that you would find in the Belt manuals (see my Belt Requirments Section to see a list of the Techniques Required for each belt).

Throughout this Form you will learn how to flow between techniques that defend against chokes, holds, locks, hugs.


1. Formal Salutation

Set 1: Destructive Twins (Two-Hand Lapel Grab)

1. Step your right foot forward into a right neutral bow as you execute a 'U' punch towards 12 o'clock.

[Your left hand should be striking at your attacker's face and your right hand striking at the groin.]

2. Shift your right foot towards 1:00 as your execute a left outward block and chamber your right hand.

3. Execute a left hand spear towards your attacker's eyes.

4. With that left hand, grab them and pull them into a right reverse punch as you shift into a horse stance facing 10:30.

5. Pull your right foot to your left in a cat stance facing 12 o'clock as you execute two thumb pokes to their eyes as in the beginning of Thrusting Wedge.

Set 2: Crashing Wings (Rear Bear Hug; Arms Free)

1. Step your right foot to 3 o'clock into a horse stance as you send two outward overhead elbows down into your attacker's elbows. (These strikes will be close to your body.)

2. Pull your left foot to your right into a transitional cat stance facing 12 o'clock. Step your left foot towards

7:30 behind your attacker using your left knee to buckle their right.

3. Shift into a left forward bow as you execute a left outward elbow and follow with a right hammerfist that comes over and down onto their chest.

Set 3: Twirling Wings (Right Flank)

1. Place your hands at your left hip, left fist palm up and right fist on top in vertical fashion. Cover with your right foot by moving it to 3 o'clock.

2. Turns towards 3 o'clock into a right forward bow as you execute a right outward block and a left inward elbow. (The left fist should touch the right elbow.)

3. Step your left foot to 3 o'clock into a left forward bow as you execute a right hand rake across your attacker's eyes (moving from right to left) and execute a left back knuckle strike to your attacker's ribs (also moving from right to left). Stop this motion when they have finished their path of motion at your left hip; left palm up, right on top.

Set 4: Circling Wing (Two-Hand Rear Shoulder Grab)

1. Turn towards 9:00 in a right forward bow as you execute a right outward overhead elbow that goes into chamber to capture your attacker's arms and a left closed two-finger spear to their eyes.

2. Execute a right upward elbow strike as you shift into a right neutral bow.

3. Pivot into a right reverse bow as you execute a right back hammerfist to their groin. (Your left hand guards at your right shoulder.)

Set 5: Crossing Talon [Fulcrum version] (Cross Right Wrist Grab)

1. As an attacker from 10:30 grabs your right hand with their right hand; use your left hand to pin theirs.

2. Step towards 1:30 with your left foot into a front crossover. Unwind as you use the pressure of your left elbow against their right elbow joint to push them over.

3. Execute a left outward elbow to their temple as your right hand pulls them into the strike.

4. Reach down and claw their face; as you pull up, loop your arm clockwise so you execute an inward overhead elbow down onto their back.

Set 6: Scraping Hoof (Full Nelson)

1. Pull your feet to about half-a-shoulder width apart as you push down with your arms and send your head back to break their attempted full nelson.

2. Execute a right rear kick into their left knee.

3. Execute a right knife-edge kick to their right knee.

4. Scrape down their shin and stomp on their right foot.

Set 7: Fatal Cross (Two-Hand Push)

1. Step towards 10:30 with your right foot into a right neutral bow as you knock away your attacker's hands by "swimming" out with them and circling them in beside you. Execute two middle-knuckle strikes (palm up) to their solar plexus.

2. Loop your hands in and them strike out with two scissoring backfist to your attacker's face.

3. Loop your hands again and execute a cross-block to your attacker's mid-section.

4. Loop once more and execute two scissoring one-finger pokes to your attacker's eyes.

Set 8: Grip of Death (Side Headlock)

1. Step forward with your left foot towards 10:30 and simultaneously execute a right hammerfist to your attacker's kidneys and a left hammerfist to your attacker's groin.

2. Reach over and grab your attacker's face (nose, mouth, or hair) with your right hand.

3. Stand in a right neutral bow facing 4:30 as you simultaneously pull back on your attacker's face and execute a left palm strike to their face.

Set 9: Locked Wing (Hammer Lock)

1. Move your right arm around behind your back as an attacker from 7:30 puts you in a hammerlock.

2. Step to 4:30 with your left foot into a rear crossover as you execute a left outward elbow strike to your attacker's head.

3. Unwind so you are facing your attacker at 7:30 and loop your left arm under their right arm.

4. Step back with your right foot towards 4:30 into a rear crossover and unwind into a horse stance facing 1:30 as you break your attacker's elbow.

5. Pivot into them, facing 10:30, and execute a right knee strike to your attacker's mid-section as you push down on them to gain more force.

6. Land in a right neutral bow facing 10:30 as you push your attacker away.

7. Step forward with your left foot to 10:30 into a left neutral bow as you pull through with both of your arms.

Set 10: Crossed Twigs (Rear Wrist Grab)

1. An attacker grabs both of your wrists from 4:30.

2. Pivot into a forward bow facing 4:30 as you execute a outward elbow strike to your attacker's temple.

3. Loop your right arm in a large counter-clockwise circle.

4. Shift back into a horse stance facing 1:30 as you bring your looping arm down into a inward overhead elbow strike on your attacker's spine

5. Shift and execute a left knee strike to their mid-section; land back in your horse stance.

Set 11: Wings of Silk (Attempted Bear Hug)

1. An attacker grabs your arms behind you.

2. Pull your feet together and bring your left foot up into your attacker's groin as you push down with your left hand.

3. Turn and step counterclockwise (to 10:30) with your right foot in a short step as your left arm grabs your attacker's left arm.

4. Complete the twirl by circling counterclockwise still with your left foot. As you land in a horse stance facing 1:30, execute a right vertical punch to your attacker's elbow.

Set 12: Conquering Shield (Left Stiff-Arm Lapel Grab)

1. An attacker from 1:30 grabs your lapel with their left arm.

2. Simultaneously pin your attacker's left arm with your left hand as you execute a right vertical forearm strike to your attacker's left elbow to break and execute a right front snap kick to the inside of your attacker's right leg.

3. As you land, plant your right foot to 1:30 into a right neutral bow as you have your right arm glance up from it's forearm strike and then strike down with a right outward overhead elbow to your attacker's left forearm.

4. Execute a right upward elbow strike to your attacker's chin.

5. Follow-up with a right overhead claw to your attacker's face.

Set 13: Striking Serpent's Head (Front Tackle)

1. An attacker grabs you from 1:30.

2. Step back with your right foot to 7:30 as you execute a left inverted back knuckle strike to their head and pull back on their hair, exposing their throat.

3. Execute a right half-fist to your attacker's throat.

4. Step your right foot to 3 o'clock, ending in a meditative horse stance. [This can also resemble a strike.]

Repeat on opposite side