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Weiser Kenpo Karate

Kicking Set One
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Kicking Set 1

1. Attention stance

2. Right leg back to 6:00 into a LNB

3. Left front snap ball kick then a rear right front snap ball kick planting forward into a RNB

4. Right front side kick then a rear left side kick landing in a LNB

5. Bring right leg around left, so you turn your back to 12:00 and execute a left back snap kick

6. Step right leg back and turn to your right to face 12:00

7. Bring left leg around right so you turn your back to 12:00 and execute a right back snap kick

8. Step left leg back and turn to face 12:00 into a LNB

9. Execute a left roundhouse kick then a right rear roundhouse kick planting foot forward into a RNB

10. Execute a right front scoop kick then a left rear front scoop kick planting forward into a LNB

11. Move left leg in front of and around right into a horse stance facing 6:00

12. Repeat steps 2-11 to finish KICKING SET 1