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(In the order they are to be taught)


KATAS: Long 3 (Right (A) and Left (B) sides; Striking Set 2; Stance Set 2

1. GLANCING SPEAR - front Right Direct Wrist Grab

1. With feet together and opponent's right hand grabbing your left wrist, step back with your right foot(into a left neutral bow) to 6:00 as your right hand goes under your own left wrist and grabs (palm out)opponent's right wrist.

2. Immediately shift into a left reverse bow as your right hand, which is still maintaining the grab, pulls your opponent down and toward you (toward of 6:00.)

3. Shift into a left neutral bow as your left elbow strikes to opponent's right ribcage (the palm of your left arm should be facing the ground). Have your right hand continue to grab so as to control your opponent, pulling opponent's arm past you.

4. Have your right hand release the grasp and have the heel of palm of the same hand strike the opponent's forearm and in a glancing, dipping motion strike to opponent's eyes with the finger tips of the same hand.

5. Immediately sweep opponent's right foot with your left foot while executing a left front crossover while moving toward 5:00.

6. Pivot out of twist stance (clockwise) and right stiff leg sweep to back of opponent's legs to drop opponent, ending up in a wide left front twist stance toward 12:00.

7. Without losing momentum have right sweeping leg immediately turn into a right downward roundhouse kick to opponent's head toward 12:00.

8. Right front crossover and cover out twice toward 6:00

2. THRUST INTO DARKNESS - Rear Right Step Trough Punch

1. With feet together, step forward with your right foot toward 1:30 into a left reverse close cat stance (asopponent attacks from the rear with a right punch) to give you distance, and immediately deliver a left back kick toward 6:00 to opponent's stomach thus causing him to bend forward.

2. With your left foot still in the air, plant your left foot to 4:30 (assuming both you and opponent are presently facing 12:00) into a wide left rear twist stance and immediately pivot counter clockwise (ending in a left neutral bow facing opponent at 6:00) and without hesitation deliver a right front snapping ball

kick toward 7:30 to opponent's jaw or sternum (opponent should be bending forward at this point toward 12:00).

3. Plant your right foot forward into a right neutral bow toward 7:30 and assuming that the kick forced your opponent back, do a left front crossover toward 7:30 and right side kick to inside of opponent's left knee.

4. Plant your right foot forward (right forward bow) toward 7:30 and simultaneously deliver a right back knuckle thrust to opponent's right temple and a left vertical thrust punch to opponent's right ribs.

5. Right front crossover and cover out toward 1:30.

6. Left rear crossover and return with a right back kick to opponent's head toward 7:30.

7. Right front crossover and cover out twice toward 1:30.

3. CIRCLING FANS - Front Right And Left front Straight Punch Combination
4. ROTATING DESTRUCTION - Front Right Snap and Left Spinning Back-Kick
5. FALCONS OF FORCE - Flank Left and Right Shoulder Grab By Two Men
6. THE BEAR AND THE RAM - Front Right PUnch and Rear Bear Hug -- Arms Free
7. RAINING LANCE - Front Right Step Through Overhead Knife
8. DESPERATE FALCONS - Front Two-Hand Grab to Both Wrists
9. LEAP OF DEATH - Front Right Step Through Punch
10. PROTECTING FANS - Front Right and Left Punch Combination With Opponents Left Leg Forward
11. DECEPTIVE PANTHER - Combination Right Front Snap Kick (Low) and Right Roundhouse Kick (High)
12. COURTING THE TIGER - Flank Left and Right Arm Grab By Two Opponents
13. GATHERING THE SNAKES - Front Left Punch and Rear Right Punch By Two Men
14. GLANCING LANCE - Front Right Knife Thrust While your Arms Are Down
15. DOMINATING CIRCLES - Front Right Shoulder Grab By Opponent's Right Hand
16. DESTRUCTIVE FANS - Left Flank Right Punch With Opponent's Rig Leg Forward
17. UNFURLING CRANE - Front Right and Left Punch Combination With Opponent's Right Leg Forward
18. GRASPING EAGLES - Front Right Lapel Grab and Rear Right Arms Grab By Two Men
19. PARTING OF THE SNAKES - Front Right Punch and Rear Attempt By Two Men

20. TRUSTING LANCE - Front Right Knife Trust While Your Arms Are Down
21. BLINDING SACRIFICE - Front Two-Hand Grab or Choke
22. SNAKES OF WISDOM - Flank Left and Right Shoulder Grabs By Two Men
23. ENTWINING LANCE - Front Right Knife Thrust
24. FALLING FALCON - Front Right Direct Lapel Grab